MSW City System


Full integrated System


Process Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) and any organic waste streams quickly, converting them into valuable fuel, electricity, compost, fertilizer, food growing.


No Residues, 100% Recycling & Conversion


Waste to Energy

Solutions range from individual segments such as converting waste to fuels, gas, electricity and heat.

Waste to Fuel: "Catalytic Cold Conversion"

rubber, plastics, textiles, used oils to high chalorific oil (cracking oil, blending oil, off road engine fuel, No2 fuel, heating oil).






Waste to Gas: "Gasification

any type of wood wastes, rice husks, nutshells and many other biomass to clean high chalorific syngas.





Electricity + Heat:

combined Heat and Power Plants (CHP) produce electricity and heat from the synthetic fuel or Syngas.

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